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PostSubject: Unnamed As Yet   Unnamed As Yet I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 02, 2011 11:41 pm

This is set years before the current HoN timeline, when Anastasia is a newer prof. Jackie is my character, as well as the squealing girl at the end of this excerpt, the rest are owned by P.C. & Kristin Cast. *Had to get the disclaimer out of the way.* Please tell me whether I should continue with this one, as I'm not sure how good it is.

“Professor Anastasia? Are you in here?” I was at my mentor's office, not for the first time this week. I heard a faint reply. “She must be in her library.” I thought. She finally came to the door of her office, and ushered me inside.
“What is it, Jacqueline? Have you finished the novel I lent you already?” I hesitated. I didn't know how to say what I wanted. I wanted my old life back. I didn't want to be a vampyre or leave everything I'd ever known behind. I spoke haltingly, not really knowing how to phrase my thought. “I just... I can't... I'm not adjusting very well to everything.” She smiled.
“Jacqueline, being Marked is a challenge. The Goddess is calling you to be something more, something greater than you would have been as a human. You would have been a great primary school teacher, but now you have many more possibilities. The writing career you'd dreamed of is now much easier to reach. Our Poet Laureate is coming for the next three semesters to teach classes, and you can learn from the best of our kind.” Here, I kind of zoned out. I mean, I told no one at all that I wanted to write. I didn't even keep my stories written down. I never did anything to give someone that clue. So, how did she know when I never told anyone? “Jacqueline... Jacqueline? Are you listening?”
“I'm sorry, Professor. I just... How did you know I wanted to be a writer? I've never told anyone that, not even my best friend.” She chuckled and replied, “I'm sure some of the other students have warned you. I, along with several other instructors, am an intuitive. I can glean things about you that the Goddess wishes to show me from your mind. I assume that you will begin to hone your writing abilities so that you can become a great author. Someday I will read your work and wonder where the young student went that sits before me now. Just a moment, Jacqueline. Someone is at the door.” As soon as she finished her sentence, there was a soft knock behind me. That intuitiveness was kind of cool, but it gets downright creepy sometimes.
“My apologies, Anastasia. I did not realize you were with a student. We shall wait until a more appropriate time.” I heard the High Priestess' voice and froze. I still couldn't get over how much power any priestess had, and High Priestess Nelwyn was a standout among them. I'd only been Marked for a few weeks, and several other priestesses had come and visited with us. Somehow, I could tell which ones were younger or older, and how they stood, power-wise, in relation to Nelwyn and to myself. I pulled myself out of my brain and heard, “No matter, Priestess. I believe the fledglings know each other already. I'll let them get reacquainted.” I got out of my chair, and immediately got tackled by a girl squealing, “Jackie!”
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